Proyecto Visión 21

Usar energía del futuro para superar barreras de la realidad presente

Francisco Miraval

In 1927, Werner Heisenberg announced its famous principle, also known as uncertainty principle, which, in its simplest form (the only one I can barely understand, if that) means that we can’t, not even theoretically, measure both the speed and the location of a particle simultaneously. If we get one measure, we can’t get the other one.

In other words, if we measure the speed of a proton, a neutron, or other particles, then we can’t know the exact location of that particle. And we know where the particle is, we can’t know its speed.

And there is something else. This principle also means (and I don’t understand what that really means) that particles can “borrow” energy from the future. In fact, it seems they can keep borrowing energy from the future as long as they repay it before the uncertainty principle is violated.

So, if the uncertainty is still there, the energy will keep flowing and the particles won’t need to repay the energy they are borrowing. Once the uncertainty is over, the repayment is due.

Now, why do the particles need to borrow energy from the future? It seems they need that extra energy to create “tunnels” in this “reality”, because otherwise the “reality” will become a “barrier” (or “forbidden zone”) to those particles.

Without borrowing energy from the future, particles will remain “trapped” by the “barriers” of this “reality”. (My sincere apologies to all those of you who truly understand quantum physics and who, because of that, know I don’t.)

We can now ask: if particles borrow energy from the future to avoid the barriers of reality, and if that energy from the future (and the universe is 80 percent future, according to Frank Tipler) will keep flowing as long as the ambiguity is keep as such, could we, humans, do the same?

This seems to be an incoherent and irreverent question. After all, we are not subatomic particles. How, then, are we going to borrow energy from the future? However, particles are packages of energy, and so are we. And we know consciousness changes reality (the observer changes the experiment), as quantum physics has shown again and again.

The question then becomes: Can we really borrow energy from the future to avoid being trapped in this reality? And if so, how?

The answer is that we, humans, can indeed borrow energy from the future, but for us that means learning from the future and leading from the future, to follow Dr. Otto Scharmer, of MIT and of the Presencing Institute.

In doing so, we will create “tunnels” through the “barriers” of this reality. An as long as we keep an open mind, open heart, and open will, the energy from the future will keep flowing, thus moving us away from the social field of absencing to the social field of presencing.

This is not a metaphor. This is an act of cocreation and coevolution, a literal quantum leap beyond those “barriers” they want to impose on us. 

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