Proyecto Visión 21

Dear extraterrestrial friend from the future,

Francisco Miraval                                

I hope that when you receive this message you and yours are enjoying a good time. I also hope your trip to earth, or whatever is left of earth (and regardless of where you may be coming from) was a pleasant trip, without inconveniences or delays.

I guess, even if there is no real reason to do it, that your civilization is more advanced than mine. I also guess that by the time you read this message my civilization will be gone. I wish I am wrong about both issues, but for the time being I can’t prove I am wrong.

Whatever the case, almost 12 years ago I began to write these weekly commentaries. At the beginning, I wrote short, local, trembling commentaries, not knowing what to say or who will read them. Now, 600 commentaries later, I still write short, a little bit longer commentaries, with a little bit less fear. (Time has taught me a few things…) But what I write now is still as ephemeral and soon to be forgotten as anything I wrote before.

That’s why I am writing to you, because I imagine you have found an old newspaper (from your past) or perhaps you are rebuilding an old computer and suddenly you are reading this words with the same eagerness and expectation we have when we find and read old clay tablets from the Sumerians, or an Egyptian papyrus, or any other kind of writing produced by a civilization from our past.

There is no way, of course, to be sure that you will ever receive this message, but I can tell you that  reading my commentaries will not help you to decide if there is (was) intelligent life on this planet. After all, we are still fighting each other just because of the color of our skin. There is still hunger and poverty in the world and the wealth inequality is growing. And don’t get me started with what we do to the environment.

We feel at the top of creation. Yet, we can’t even take proper care of our own planet. We kill each other in the name of theologies don’t understand, belief we don’t follow, stories with no history, and objects lacking any real value. We pretend to be free, yet we are still slaves of our own instincts (perhaps more than ever) and of technology.

Perhaps it is true we are still in the prehistory of humanity. Perhaps we still have opportunities to learn how to avoid the self-destruction of an “advanced” civilization such as ours.

Not everything is bad. There are, in fact, many good people selflessly working every day with whatever resources they have to restore the natural and social beauty of our world for the benefit of all of us.

I just want to ask you only one thing: If you happen to come here while humans are still around, please don’t bring a book titled, “How to serve humans.” We already heard that joke before.

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